Ivy the kiwi?

We will publish a free picture book "Ivy is a kiwi?"

"Ivy is a kiwi?"
Author: Yusaku Yamanaka, Ayako Inoue
Illustrator: Mizuho Umezu

This is the Quiet Forest, where birds live.
One day, a polka-dot egg fell from the sky.

From that egg hatched a very lively little chick. Her name was Ivy.
But there were two things about Ivy that set her apart from the other chicks.

One was that, even though she had wings, she couldn't fly.
The other was that those wings were a bright, fiery red.

Right after Ivy was born, she looked around her and discovered something awful.
gMy Mama's not here! Where is my Mama?h

With the eggshell still stuck to her body,
Ivy set off running, searching for her mother.

Ivy ran and ran, right into a town.
Under the eaves, a mother swallow was feeding her chicks.

gMama, where are you...?h
Tears welled up in Ivy's eyes and dripped onto the ground.

Crying, Ivy began to run again.

Ivy ran and ran, until she reached a field.
Some bullying crows saw Ivy and laughed.

gYou're a bird! What are you doing, running around on the ground!?h
gHey, you! Your wings are useless!h
gUpset, are ya? Then come up here!h

Still crying, Ivy began to run again.

Ivy ran and ran, until she came to a wood.
The swans saw Ivy's bright red feathers and began to whisper among themselves.

gWhat is that bright red bird!?h
gWhat a strange color! Ooh, it's scary!h
gI've never seen anything so ugly!h

Still crying, Ivy began to run again.

It started to rain, but Ivy didn't stop running.
She was frustrated. She was sad. Soon, Ivy was soaked with rain and tears.

Just then, Ivy saw a bright red feather fall from the sky.

Tired out from running, Ivy met an old owl in a hut on the top of a hill.

gAre you a kiwi?h
gWhat's a kiwi?h
gIt's a bird that can't fly. But while kiwis may not be able to fly, they're very fast runners.
So you see, if a kiwi works hard, it can go anywhere it wants to.h
gAnywhere? Even to where Mama is?h
gRight. As long as you don't give up, you'll find her.h

Ivy dashed out of the hut and began to run again.

White jewels drifted down from the sky.
They piled up, sparkling, covering all the roofs in town.
gI wonder if Mama is watching...h

Her feet were very cold, but Ivy wasn't crying any more.

Ivy tore up a steep mountain, climbing for dear life.
The sun, which had been at the top of the sky, rushed closer and closer.
gI feel like I'll see Mama soon!h

It felt as though her footholds would crumble any minute, and Ivy was afraid, but she wasn't crying any more.

At the mountain's peak, Ivy found herself at a castle.
However, beyond the castle, there was no road.
gWhat am I going to do...? I can't go any farther!h

Just then, the red feathers Ivy had gathered fluttered up into the sky.
Then, out of nowhere, a bridge made of vines appeared.
Gingerly, Ivy stepped onto it, then set off running for the sky.

The sun burned bright red. It was very close.

gIvy! My baby! You came back to me!h

Ivy's mama hugged her. She was a gigantic red bird, with wings made of flame.
That's right. Ivy was the child of the legendary phoenix.

gOh, Ivy! Just look at you! You've still got your shell stuck to you.
You'll never be able to open your wings and fly like that.h
gThat's okay! I don't have to fly. I can run anywhere!h

Wrapped in soft feathers, Ivy told her mama all about her adventures.

gI'm glad you're back, Ivy.h

The story of the bird who ran to the top of the sky spread throughout the land in no time.

After that, nobody laughed at her any more, not even the bullying crows or the gossiping swans.

And so, even now, kiwis run energetically over the ground.

A total of 55 red feathers are hidden in the picture book.
Do you think you can find them all?


"Ivy is a kiwi?" is a picture book published based on the game "Ivy the Kiwi?". This time we wanted more people to enjoy the story of Ivy and decided to release all the pages free of charge.

The importance of not giving up, the mind acknowledging the difference with others, the parent-child's bonds ...
We would appreciate it if you feel anything important in life.

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